All right, you’ve done it! You’ve booked your trip to Hilton Head Island. Now the question is, are you ready for an adventure, or do you plan to take it easy? Perhaps you’re in the mood for a mixture of both. Fortunately, there are many water activities to choose from in America’s vacation destinations.


A kayak is much like a canoe with double-bladed paddles. They’re not too tough to navigate, and kayaking is like a peaceful little adventure navigating the waters. Kayak tours are one of the best ways to explore the marshes and waterways of Hilton Head while also getting up close and personal with the wildlife!


Are you looking to learn something new and maybe a little challenging? Then Paddleboarding might have your name written all over it. This popular water sport involves standing or kneeling to maneuver your way through the waters. Not only is it a great workout, but also a great stress reliever as well.

Wake Sports

Catch a wave with various wake sports, such as tubing, water skiing, wake surfing, and water skiing. These are true adrenaline rush activities, so channel your inner daredevil and head out to the water!


No fear of heights? No problem! Parasailing will take you up, up, and away for stunning and exciting views as far as the eye can see all over the island.

Jet Skiing

Feel the wind in your hair as you zoom (or cruise leisurely) on a jet ski around the water. Ride solo or grab a buddy to join you. You won’t be able to stop smiling with such a fun activity!


Of course, you can always take the more laid-back approach, charter a boat, hop on a sunset cruise, and kick back. Adventure doesn’t have to be a heart-pounding experience; you can live it up on your vacation in the water, on the water, or even beside it. The possibilities are endless on Hilton Head Island!