When you view our web site you will see that we have many different size bikes to rent. We have bikes for adults, and bikes for kids. As far as the kids go you can start by checking the size of the tires on the bikes they ride at home. Most between the ages of 8 and 10 are probably on 20 inch bikes. And those 11-14 may be best suited for 24 inch bikes. For the little ones we have 16″ bikes with or without training wheels.

If it turns out that what you chose isn’t correct once you receive your order, we will replace it with the correct size.

Adults sizes are pretty simple to figure out. We rent mostly unisex bikes, which have a step through frame. They come in two sizes, 24″ and 26″. Anyone 4’6″ to 5’2″ are best suited for a 24″ bike. The rest will do well with 26″. The exception to this is guys over 6’1″. For them we have men’s bikes, which have a larger frame, and a horizontal bar.

And we haven’t forgotten the kids who aren’t yet riding on their own. An ally cat, or tagalong as we call them, attaches to the adult bike and the child sits on a seat, has handlebars, and pedals to follow along. The child does not have to pedal. He/she can just sit there and enjoy the ride.

There are pictures of all of our bikes and attachments here at our web site. If you need help with your choice, you can call us directly for assistance.

Happy riding!