A trip to the beach doesn’t always mean lying on the sand and sunbathing. If you are one of the more active types, you’ll probably be itching to be going on an adventure. And since you’re at the beach when you come to Hilton Head, you should take advantage of the opportunity to try out a sport on the water. Here are a few great ideas for watersports in Hilton Head that you can try, whether novice or well-versed.

Jet Skiing

Try your hand at jet skiing to get the thrill of speeding along the water. Feel the water spray your face and body as you skip across the waves for an hour or more. Take a trip to Sea Monkeys Water Sports to see if jet skiing is right for you, or switch to something calmer (but not less adventurous) such as paddle boarding.


Island Water Sports has many different water activities, but one of the most popular is kayaking. You and your family can enjoy a 90-minute guided tour as you learn about the water, what might be in it, and what else you can find around the island of Hilton Head.


Head over to H2O Sports for a chance at parasailing! What can you get from parasailing that you might not get from other sports? The view! As you travel hundreds of feet in the air with your feet dangling below, there’s no telling what you’re apt to see. In the water, you might see dolphins below and seagulls above. Parasailing is a fun activity for the whole family, as children as young as six can join their parents on a ride.


There are plenty of watersports in Hilton Head that you can try on the water, some active, some more relaxing. And if you’d rather stay on dry land, contact us for bicycle rentals for the whole family! Discover all you can to see what floats your boat… or your parasail!