There is so much to be said about a beach vacation during the off season (which is typically considered September/October through March/April). While you can enjoy much of the same beautiful views as you would during the rest of the year, you typically have a lot fewer people in those views. For those who treasure privacy, off season is the best time to avoid crowds. What is there to do if the water is a little too chilly for a dip? Plenty. There are numerous other advantages to visiting Hilton Head Island during the off season as well.

Rates are Cheaper

Just about every resort you find has lower rates during the off season to drum up some business. And those discounts extend beyond just room rates. Amenities and activity fees for such activities as golf or tennis lessons, boat charters, and even dining prices are often lower when there are fewer people around.

Activities are More Accessible

Since we mentioned fewer people, that means fewer lines and wait lists. No waking up at the crack of dawn to get a tee time. You can pick just about any time you want. Some resorts may even try to entice their off season visitors by including discounted or free lessons for many of their activities, just to keep the staff busy. Private lessons can mean more individual attention and a quicker pace to perfecting your skills!

Temperatures are More Comfortable

For those who abhor sweat, the off season is the best time to come down and enjoy some Southern warmth (read: not heat!). Typically, the temperatures are a bit friendlier in South Carolina than in some states that may even still be experiencing snow in March. And yet, you won’t find the sweat dripping down your back like you might in July. Humidity also tends to be lower in the spring, which is a benefit to any asthmatics (or folks who prefer to breathe comfortably on vacation.)

Booking your vacation is easier during the off season, and you are bound to get more individual attention. So mark your calendar this spring and make a call.