So you loved Hilton Head Island so much the first time, you had to come back for more? You’ve already been to the museums, the lighthouse, and golf courses. You’ve done the tourist thing. Or maybe you haven’t been here before, but you want a different experience. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got that too! Don’t miss these one-of-a-kind experiences you can only find in Hilton Head.

H2O Sports Alligator, Wine, and Cheese Tour

Here’s an event for those who are truly adventurous… but also enjoy a little sophistication too. Without even having to leave the Sea Pines Resort, you can step aboard a small riverboat and relax as you are served wine and cheese. Keep your eyes open for the many examples of wildlife you will see over the hour-long tour, including the American alligator.


Gullah Heritage Trail

The Gullah is a culture you will find nowhere else, so you are best to check it out while you are here for a more complete understanding of this piece of South Carolina history. After slaves were set free following the Civil War, most had nowhere to turn. Many banded together to create a successful community of emancipated slaves. The community remained, even when the rest of the Hilton Head area deteriorated. The culture of this long-surviving group of people has stood the test of time and even influences much of the area today. Visit the Gullah Heritage Trail to find out more.


World’s Largest Yard Sale

If you are really into searching to find the unique, you’re just in time for the World’s Largest Yard Sale. Held this year on March 30th, this free event features a packed parking lot at Hilton Head High School with plenty of treasures to uncover. Who knows what’s waiting for you there?

Whether you are coming to Hilton Head for a relaxing getaway, an exciting adventure, or maybe a little of both, let us help you get from one experience to the other. With a wealth of biking trails, bikes are THE way to traverse the island and AAA Riding Tigers has all the gear needed to get you on the trail!