One of the most popular things to do in Hilton Head is take up your bicycle and head out on any of our 40 miles of bike trails around the island. It’s great exercise, and fun for the whole family. But because many who come to Hilton Head might not ride bikes regularly, some are not familiar with how to make the most of riding on a trail, especially children. Before you start your cycling adventure, make sure you and the kids have a good idea of how to have the best time with these tips for riding bikes with kids.

Know Your Signals

Nothing can be more frustrating when you are on a bike than trying to anticipate what traffic around you is going to do. Since some of Hilton Head’s trails share the road with motor vehicles, everyone would have more peace of mind knowing bike traffic signals. Knowing your intended turns or stops, the vehicles around you and your kids should be able to act accordingly, keeping everyone accident-free.

Prepare Before You Go

While there’s something to be said for spontaneity, when it comes to physical activity, it’s a better idea to know what you’re getting into. Bike riding is exercise, and so it requires proper stretching, hydration, and planning before you begin to reduce the chance of injury.

Always Be Safe

A vacation can turn out a lot worse than hoped if it involves a trip to the hospital. So, it’s a good idea to do everything you can to keep your family safe while riding. Helmets and other protective gear may seem like a hassle, but save everyone from injury. Be seen with bight clothing, use bike lights or reflectors, and always follow traffic signs. And it’s always a good idea to ride with your kids to make sure everyone stays out of trouble.

Book your bike with us today to ensure delivery upon your arrival, and we can help make sure you and your kids have everything you need for a great time out on your cycling adventure!