Coming to Hilton Head, you probably have high expectations for your exercise game. Whether it’s tennis, golf, or cycling, you want every day to count, every action to mean something. You want it all to be special. For that to happen, you should make sure to put some planning into your preferred activity. If your favorite pastime is cycling, that means matching your bike to the right riding surface. The wrong bike on the wrong surface can make or break or your bike ride.

Where to ride your…

Beach Cruiser

You may be excited to finally have a chance to ride down the beautiful, white sand beaches found in Hilton Head. Still, to have a successful experience, you need to ensure that you actually have the right bike. A beach (or sand) cruiser is best identified by its thick tires. Such a bike will give you a great workout as you watch the sunrise over the ocean.

Cyclocross Bike (or Duel Sport Bike)

Any kind of hybrid bike will give you more options for trails. These bikes can handle rougher terrain than a regular road bike. That means you can look for trails with uneven ground, including gravel paths. Be careful not to go too far off-trail, though, as these bikes are not meant to go over the rockier ground that a mountain bike can take on.

E-Bike or Road Bike

These bikes are best for a ride around town or on paths marked for road bikes. (E-bikes can pretty much go anywhere a regular road bike can go.) For safety, it’s best to keep to marked trails, so lucky for you, there are plenty of bikeways in Hilton Head.

Mountain Bike

You may not think of Hilton Head as a great place to ride your mountain bike, especially after just reading that you can’t ride one in the sand. However, there are still some hidden treasures to explore on the island. You’ll find the perfect terrain in the grassy, obstacle-laden trails on Pickney Island.


You could have the ride of your life when you go for a bike ride in Hilton Head. With such a beautiful environment surrounding you, you will want to keep your head up and not worry about what’s under your wheels.