Hilton Head has so many interesting sights to see that it’s hard to get to them all on foot. However, the forty miles of bike trails the island boasts make it a little easier to see more in less time. Not to mention, you’ll get a little exercise, fresh air, and fun along the way. While you are planning your bike ride, think about trying one of these bike trails to catch a special kind of history you won’t find anywhere else.

JF Gregory Park Trail

If you’d really like to get an idea of what the Lowcountry is, give this trail a try. It’s located just southwest of Savannah. The JF Gregory Park Trail runs through what was once a rice plantation, bought by Henry Ford. The trail is paved, and while it may look modern, it runs through a time reminiscent of the pre-Civil War era.

Spanish Moss Trail

Riding through Beaufort County, this trail starts at Port Royal on what used to be the Port Royal Railroad, which was constructed in 1870. On this 13+ mile trail, you’ll see the beautiful scenery in Beaufort, the second oldest city in South Carolina. Many of these buildings have been standing since the turn of the 20th Century.

McQueen’s Island Trail

From Fort Pulaksi to the end of McQueen’s Island, trail riders will follow the Savannah River on a major shipping route and see some amazing sites from both the American Revolution and the Civil War. See where Gaulle Indians inhabited the area before Europeans came. Or visit the oldest lighthouse in Georgia, Tybee’s Lighthouse, which was built in 1732.


If direction isn’t one of your best senses, you might want to consider a bike tour led by professionals. You can find historical bike tours available as well. Enjoy your ride!