The hit that our economy has taken in the past few months has made a lot of people reconsider how to allocate their vacation spending. People can either get very creative, or they can just look around to see what Hilton Head has to offer that is just as fun, yet costs nothing.

Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge

If you’re feeling adventurous, head out to look for wildlife. Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge is spread out over 4,000 acres of land and water. It plays host to creatures you might not find anywhere else. From large reptiles like alligators to rare birds like the white ibis, you never know what you’ll see. There’s no admission fee for the refuge, but donations are welcome.

The Beach

Of course, it’s likely that the number one reason you chose to vacation in Hilton Head was so you could enjoy the sun and sand. Several beaches in Hilton Head require no fee for admittance. If you aren’t already staying at a resort with access to a private beach, the best ones to try would be Coligny Beach, Daufuskie Island, Driessen Beach, or Mitchelville Beach.

Coastal Discovery Museum

On a rainy day, or as a preplanned arrangement for an alternative to the beach, consider a trip to the museum that is so much more than a museum. While you have the opportunity to tour local history, you could also choose another path (literally) to investigate local flora. Or butterflies. More interested in art? They’ve got that too! There’s even a children’s room to keep the kids occupied and happy. All this for free, though again, donations are appreciated.

There’s no need to worry about your vacation if your finances haven’t been kind to you. A vacation is just a break from life, so at the very least, you can just lie on the beach and read a book. Not a bad way to spend your time after all!