All bikes are not created equal, nor is all terrain created equal. Therein lies the beauty of cycling. Some bikes don’t perform as well in particular areas, while there are bikes that were made for that special soil. In Hilton Head, you will find over forty miles of bike paths, but you probably won’t ride every mile of it at the same time. For the perfect riding experience, you’ll want to use different types of bikes for different areas of the trail. Here’s a basic idea of what you might want to use.

Road Bike

This is the bike you’d normally think of for riding around town. They are great for exercise when you have long, flat stretches to ride. Many of the trails around Hilton Head are paved and perfect for this kind of ride. The most notable difference between road bikes and other bikes is the thin tires that help you go faster, but only on hard surfaces. On a road bike, you need to be careful when encountering gravel, sand, or any other loose material.

Beach Cruiser

Cruisers are the most popular rental bikes at the beach due to their versatility. These bikes are easy to recognize by their fatter tires, which give a good grip on loose terrain like sand. You don’t have to worry about speed or skill. Don’t expect to be too speedy when you ride a beach cruiser, but at least you’ll have some beautiful scenery to enjoy!

Electric Bike

If you’re the sidekick to your cycling-enthusiast partner, you might consider getting a little help. An electric bike is a type of road bike with a small motor. It gives you a little extra push to help you keep up. You won’t get as much exercise, but you will be able to get around with less trouble, even against a headwind.

While you can certainly bring your own bikes on vacation, you can always rent one here on the island. There are many more types of bikes to choose from. Just ask if you can’t decide. The possibilities are endless.