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Hilton Head Concerts to See This Summer

Some of the best things to look forward to when summer comes around are all the opportunities to get out and enjoy live music. No matter where you’re from, outdoor entertainment is the best way to pass the time during the lazy, hazy days of summer. Throw in some live music, cold drinks, and tasty [...]

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Where to Find Fresh Lowcountry Produce Ripe for the Picking

Warmer weather means more opportunities to venture outdoors, more sunshine on gardens, and the perfect harvest time for some of the most delicious produce here in Hilton Head. If you’re looking for fresh Lowcountry produce for your upcoming summer cookouts and dessert recipes, you’re in the right place. From open-air markets to pick-it-yourself farms, there [...]

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Are You Ready for Pedal Hilton Head Island 2024?

May is right around the corner, and if you’re a big fan of Hilton Head and biking, you know that means it’s almost time to Pedal Hilton Head Island! Every year, this highly organized cycling event is put on to raise money for The Boys & Girls Club of Hilton Head Island. It’s been a [...]

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Everything You Need to Know about The RBC Heritage

Hilton Head has been a favorite destination for golf lovers since 1962 and is now home to more than 26 championship courses, both private and public. Our beautiful island was also given the #10 global golf destination by Golf Digest readers and often hosts PGA Tour Tournaments and events like The RBC Heritage coming up [...]

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Hilton Head Tours to Get the Full Lowcountry Experience

When you visit Hilton Head, it’s easy to see that there is so much more to our little slice of island heaven than beautiful sandy beaches and summer fun. And we’re not even talking about the 60+ miles of trails perfect for running or biking, either. There is so much rich Lowcountry culture and history here that it [...]

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Your Guide to the Best Hilton Head Running Trails

While Hilton Head is beautiful year-round, during Spring, you don’t have to worry about the humidity or big crowds of tourists, making it the perfect time to hit the trails. And Hilton Head Island has plenty of trails to choose from. One of the more popular methods of enjoying the many trails here on the [...]

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5 Reasons to Plan a Spring Hilton Head Vacation

Although Hilton Head never really gets hit with too cold of temperatures in the Winter, it’s still nice when Spring finally rolls around. Everyone in the surrounding areas is digging themselves out of hibernation and planning Spring Break vacations with their eye on the beach. If you’ve outgrown the chaos of a Myrtle Beach Spring [...]

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Can You Survive the Hilton Head Marathon?

Hilton Head Island has long been known for its beautiful beaches, Lowcountry vibes, and award-winning golf courses. There are also more than 60 miles worth of trails that are perfect for biking or running/walking, so it should come as no surprise that the island hosts a few marathons like no other! Tomorrow, February 10th, The [...]

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5 Things You Should Know About the Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival

The 2024 Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival is less than a month away, but if you don’t want to miss out on this celebration of Southern heritage and culture through food and drink, you better grab your tickets now. This seafood-centered week-long event will expand your culinary horizons with a showcase of renowned chefs, bonfires, [...]

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How to Spend Winter in Hilton Head

Just because you can’t jump in the ocean to go swimming doesn’t mean spending winter in Hilton Head is a bad idea. In fact, it’s quite the opposite if you’ve never been big on ocean swimming anyway. The winter months are definitely cooler here on the island, but that just means you’ll have fewer tourists [...]

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