With the coming of the summer months come the vacationing families, and with that multitudes of people riding bikes on the nearly 100 miles of bike trails on the island, and 12 miles of beach. If you want to avoid crowded conditions, then here are a few tips.

If riding on the beach, pick a time when the tide is close to its lowest point as the sun bathers and families at play are spread out. When the tide is close to high, they are all congested closer together and you will be weaving in and out of bodies and may be forced to ride through water, which we ask that you not do. The salt eats through the bike lubricants and quickly will rust the chain.

When riding on island bike pathways avoid areas that are usually congested such as Coligny and Pope Avenue, Harbourtown and South Beach in Sea Pines. Areas that are fun to ride in and not congested are Shelter Cove, the new Shelter Cove Town Center, the trails just north of Port Royal Plantation, Palmetto Bay Road, and Palmetto Bay Marina village, and Point Comfort Road.

Finally, if you have a way to transport your bikes, riding the pathways and dirt roads in the Pinckney National Wildlife Area is a lot of fun.

Hilton Head is a wonderful place to enjoy bike riding in the summer months, so plan your days carefully to get the most out of your rented bikes.