There are over 40 miles of bike trails for the exercise and enjoyment of anyone living in or visiting Hilton Head. It’s hard to find a bad day for a bike ride, so this activity is a safe bet for the whole family’s enjoyment. But the best day on a bike is the one you come home from without injury, so stay safe while riding by adhering to these safety tips.

Your Apparel

First and foremost, a helmet should ALWAYS be part of your riding gear. Beyond that, make sure your clothing is not too loose. It should also be a bright color to be visible to any motorists joining you on the road.

Your Bike

Before you even get on your bike, you should make sure that it is in proper working condition. Check the ABCs – Air (Are your tires inflated properly? Are you prepared with a spare tube if you get a flat?), Brakes (Do your brakes work? Test them before you ride!), Chains (Make sure your chains are lubed well, or you could cause damage.) Of course, if you rent a bike, this should all be taken care of for you, but it won’t hurt to double-check.

Your Rights

Knowing the rules of the road will lead to fewer accidents for cyclists and motorists alike. Do your part, and keep these laws and guidelines in mind when you ride:

  1. When riding your bike on the road, always ride WITH the flow of traffic, not against it. Cars may pass if you are on the road, but they must give you 4 ft. of leeway.
  2. When riding on a trail, stay to the right and only pass on the left. Always give a warning before passing.
  3. Be sure to signal before stopping or turning.


Riding a bike is fun for everyone. Stay safe while riding this summer and enjoy everything you see around you in Hilton Head.