Summer is the time for outdoor sports! From athletes who want to stay in shape during the off-season to runners who can’t get enough of pounding the pavement to those who just want to get their feet wet in the running community, 5Ks are often very appealing to many. With a relatively short distance (five kilometers is equal to just over three miles), 5Ks are a popular way to run without needing to be too serious about it. Hilton Head is in on that fun. Check out these upcoming 5Ks in Hilton Head.

Firecracker 5K 

Date: July 4, 2022

             Location: Jarvis Creek Park

One growing tradition in America is to start a day of celebration in our country by running or walking with other citizens in the community. Beaufort County has had a jump on this tradition, as the Hilton Head Firecracker has been going for 36 years (the longest in the county). This family-friendly run finishes with a proper BBQ to make the exercise worthwhile!

Sea Turtle 5K

Date: August 6, 2022

             Location: 1 Coligny Plaza

Sponsored by PULSEology, and honoring the late Presley Miller (who loved running, the outdoors, and the sea turtle she rescued), you can be assured you are running for a good cause when you sign up for this fun and scenic race.

Thanksgiving Turtle Trot 5K

Date: November 24, 2022

             Location: 14 Dunes House Lane

Get a jump on your Thanksgiving plans by registering for this run race in November. Planning to burn a few calories before eating them all back at dinner is a tradition that helps everyone feel thankful for the day.


There’s nothing wrong with lying on the beach, but lying around only lasts so long. Maybe it’s time to think about what to do when you’re up and moving! Plan your next Hilton Head getaway around any one of these upcoming 5Ks.