As you probably know, the South Carolina Lowcountry—where you will find Hilton Head Island—is home to a variety of species of wildlife. If the reptilian variety is what piques your interest, then you might want to head over to the Coastal Discovery Museum for an introduction to a few of the natives. Here’s an idea of whom you will meet.


Thanks to the various types of terrain found in the Lowcountry, and especially swamp land, there are many types of snakes—everything from the innocuous garter snake to a few more venomous breeds. Keep your eyes open for copperheads, Eastern coral snakes, and several types of rattlesnakes.


The American alligator (the larger breed of alligator, as compared to the smaller Chinese alligator) is very common in the southeastern United States. If you are interested in seeing an alligator from a safe distance, you’ll definitely want to book an alligator tour. Otherwise, watch your toes when you go near the water!


While sea turtles are quite popular in Hilton Head (the town even has restrictions on residential lighting to keep sea turtles safe), you might also come across mud turtles, pond sliders, and river cooters in freshwater, and diamondback terrapins off the coast.

Frogs and Toads

Keep your eyes open near trees and other greenery. Bullfrogs are common, as are leopard frogs and Southern cricket frogs. Don’t forget to look to the trees—there are four types of green tree frogs found in the area. If what you’ve found near artificial lighting is brown, chances are you have found a Southern toad, the only true toad on the island.

Now that you’re excited to meet them in person, put aside some time on a Tuesday this summer at 1pm for a tour at the Coastal Discovery Museum in Hilton Head. Otherwise, you’ll never know which critter is most likely to win your heart.