Some people ride bikes for exercise. Some ride for transportation. Then there are those who are on vacation and want a way to see as much of our beautiful island as they can. During those sightseeing bike rides, there seems to be a need to capture as much as possible in photographs. After all, we now have the ability to take nearly professional-grade photos right at our fingertips. And what better way to relive those vacation memories than through beautiful photos? You certainly want them to capture all the beauty you see during your biking trip around Hilton Head. Here are a few tips for getting it just right!

Be Careful

If you’re going for the more professional photos and carrying an actual camera instead of a phone, make sure you have your gear packed in a reliable protective bag. Since you’ll need to carry it with you on your body or bike, the more lightweight, the better. Just don’t sacrifice protection. Your best bet may even be to use a camera that is lighter and easier to protect.

Be Mindful

For those who are just looking for amateur shots while out and about, make sure you dismount from your bike to take the picture. Just as texting while driving is dangerous, distracted bike riding can cause accidents. At the very least, you could drop your phone, so be sure to keep your phone in a protective case and not take it out while riding.

Be Creative

There are some pictures you can only get from the perfect spot on the island. Plan a bike ride to find these places at just the right time of day (Did someone say golden hour?) to get some great shots. Remember, the perfect time of day might be too early in the morning to think, so plan ahead. Map out the route to these spots ahead of time using a GPS app.

Even if you decide that you just want to ride around the island, taking in the beauty you see all around, there are plenty of bike trails to fulfill that wish. But maybe you’ll want to get just one selfie in to prove you were there. Keep these tips in mind and bring home the perfect photos for bragging and reminiscing.