Every April Hilton Head Island plays host to the Heritage Golf Tournament, a PGA Tour event that this year runs from April 14 -20. It always follows the Masters Tournament and is a draw for many of the top PGA professional golfers. It is held at the Harbourtown Golf Links course in Sea Pines Plantation and is a week of fun for spectators. The easiest way to get in to watch the play is on a bicycle. As long as you have a grounds badge you can ride through either Sea Pines gate for free. There are many places to lock up your bike once you are near the tournament grounds. Information for locations can be found at the event web site, www.rbcheritage.com. We advise calling us well in advance to make reservations for your bikes. Of course, we deliver directly to the place where you will be spending the week. Tickets for the Heritage can be ordered online at the web site, or you can purchase a pass at the event the day, or days that you attend. Be sure to read the grounds rules prior to attending this event as there are days when cameras are not allowed.