Want to know what the people of Hilton Head are thinking about? Read what they’re writing! See what they’re doing. Where can you do that? Read their guides. Some are geared for tourists, but some are updates from around the island. Read a few to see what’s going on.

Hilton Head Monthly

For a more serious and thorough overview of what’s going on in the community, read this guide to see how national and international happenings affect Hilton Head. Sections on business, sports, and people help give locals and tourists alike a good idea of all the big news happening all around town.

Local Life

Looking for an optimistic view of events around the island? Get to know the faces you’ll see around town, see home renovations, and check out the newest dishes popping up in the local restaurants.

Taste of Hilton Head

Find the best cuisine on the island, along with an introduction to the eateries serving it up! See who delivers and which places are best suited for kids. Looking for a deal? Prices are listed, and you may even find a coupon or two. If you’d rather replicate their meal at home, look for the recipes throughout the guide.


Here’s a guide to show you what the women of Hilton Head are thinking about. See all the best the Lowcountry has to offer in fashion, décor, and art, while perusing articles to make you laugh, cry, or just get up and move. And if you’re a woman who loves gardening or cooking, everything you want to know is in this guide.


Now that you know what the people in Hilton Head are talking about, you can converse with them without sounding like a tourist. Maybe this will help you to find some new hidden treasures that only the locals know about. Happy reading!