What’s bringing you to Hilton Head? A short weekend getaway? Maybe you are looking to pack in all you can over a long holiday weekend. (There are a few of those coming up, hint, hint.) But maybe you’ve been looking forward to this week-long family vacation all year. No matter how long you are visiting, make sure to make the most of the time you’ve got. Here are a few ideas of activities you won’t want to forget during your trip to Hilton Head.

Short Weekend Trip

If you’re only getting away for short while, you probably want to catch your breath and relax. Make sure you do this:

  • Head to the beach! We have several (Coligny, Burkes, Folly Field or others).
  • Treat yourself to a nice dinner. Try the Jazz Corner, Poseidon, or one of many other fine establishments.

Long Weekend

A long weekend means you get to do the prime relaxation activities listed above, with a few extras thrown in for fun. You want to make sure to hit the big ones. What are most looking forward seeing the most in Hilton Head? If you aren’t sure, think about what your friends are going to say when you get back. “Did you go to …?” Here’s what they want you to see:

  • The Coastal Discovery Museum to learn everything about Hilton Head and its surroundings.
  • Visit Harbour Town for beautiful views of the water, a tour of the lighthouse, and their fantastic shops.

Weeklong Vacation

Ah, now that’s a vacation. Now you can have several days on the beach, dinners out, and a few highlights as well. Now you can do a little exploring as well. Try this:


Above all, prepare for your trip to Hilton Head ahead of time. You don’t need to pack everything in on your first visit but don’t miss what you’re most looking forward to!