The official end to summer – Labor Day. The kids are getting ready to go back to school, if they aren’t back already. But it’s still warm, and the beach weather is perfect. So how about one last trip to Hilton Head to milk the last drop you can get out of summer? Here’s what you can do to keep busy.

Ladder League Pickleball Event

(Palmetto Dunes, Sunday, 9/1, 8 am – 2pm)

If pickleball is your game, here’s your chance to get together with others who play. Teamed up with players of similar abilities, you will play round robin games and have the opportunity throughout the day to move up or down the ladder. Pre-registration required.

Free Golf Class

(Robert Trent Jones Oceanfront Course, Monday, 9/2, 4pm)

Maybe after a morning of lazing on the beach, you are ready to be active and do something off shore. That’s a perfect time to try a free golf class at Robert Trent Jones. They offer this class to players of all skill sets every Monday afternoon. It might be just what you need to convince yourself to come visit Hilton Head more often.

Hilton Head Live!

(SoundWaves, Sunday, 9/1, 7:30 pm)

Soundwaves Musical Revue – it’s what’s playing every Sunday night through Labor Day. The Savannah Theater will entertain you through the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra with a variety of music that can be enjoyed by the whole family. A relaxing way to end your evening. (Cost $25-$45/per person)

How you choose to end your summer is up to you. But we recommend spending some time with the family in the sand relaxing. Or you may prefer to stay active with your sport of choice – golf, tennis, biking, or even some pickleball. Finish up with a delicious meal and some one of a kind entertainment. It can all be served right to you on Labor Day on Hilton Head Island!