One of the most popular activities you’ll find in Hilton Head is bike riding. And why not? The town caters to the active – especially cyclists. Paved bike trails line about 60 miles of Hilton Head’s coastline, while another 19 miles of packed sand lends itself to bike enthusiasts. Before you bring your bike down for vacation – or plan your vacation bike rental – take a look at the trails to find out which trails suit you and/or your family the best.


Coligny Beach Park

Pro: Beachside trail where you can catch all the beauty of the ocean and feel the sun the whole 15-mile ride.

Con: Family oriented, so might not be the best place to put in your fastest riding time.


Fish Haul Creek Park

Pro: Surrounded by lots of history, suited well for adventurous riders

Con: Suited well for adventurous riders, maybe not as much for family leisure


Jarvis Creek Park

Pro: Paved 1.1 mile loop through the beautiful 53-acre park with a lovely view

Con: Because it’s a loop, you don’t get to see the rest of Hilton Head on this bike trip, but you could possibly see a gator in the marshland!


Sea Pines Bike Trails

Pro: Very popular, trail passes great sites of Hilton Head

Con: Very popular, could be a little crowded at times


Shelter Cove

Pro: Perfect for those who are using their bikes to get from shop to shop!

Con: Not the trail you want to use to get a good workout on your bike.

Hilton Head is one of only 21 communities to achieve a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community Award, so this is definitely a place to vacation if you are an avid cyclist. If you’ve already done all of the trails we have, don’t worry – more are planned for the future, so be sure to keep us on your bucket list!