Hilton Head Island has a wealth of bike trails, making it a fantastic place to vacation while getting some exercise in the glorious sunshine. Because biking is such a popular activity, it can only be properly managed in an organized fashion. Safety rules are put in place to help keep yourself and others safe, so it’s important to follow them. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare to take out your wheels.

Have Your Safety Gear

It’s a wise idea to wear a helmet anytime you go out on your bike. You should especially make sure kids under 12 wear one. But also keep in mind some other safety gear. This would include lights and light-colored clothing if you go out after dark. And most importantly, make sure your bike itself is in safe, working order. Make sure all brakes, chains, and tires are good to go.

Use Your Safety Signals

Most of the bike trails in Hilton Head are out in the open, which means you’ll be sharing them with other riders and sometimes even vehicles. When this is the case, it is of utmost importance for others to know your intentions when you’re moving on your bike. If you intend to turn, let others know so they can respond appropriately.

Obey the Safety Signs

Just as others need to know what you’re doing when you ride, it helps to know what everyone else is doing, too. That’s the whole point of stop signs and traffic signals. They don’t just apply to cars and trucks. Cyclists are obliged to follow all South Carolina traffic laws as well. And above all, if a sign says that bike traffic is not permitted in a specific area, assume there’s a good reason for that.


Everyone wants you to have an enjoyable vacation here in in Hilton head. The number one way to have a pleasant trip is to come back from it unharmed. Happy trails!