Planning a vacation can be stressful enough when you don’t have extra challenges to worry about. Along with all the usual questions, travelers with limited mobility have additional worries, like “Is this place accessible?” or “Will my wheelchair/walker fit there?” Vacation is a time when worries should be at a minimum. So if you have limited mobility and need to be mindful of accommodations, rest easy. Hilton Head has you and your needs covered.


Your first stop should be a place that can help you find the right equipment to get around the various terrain you want to see in Hilton Head. For those who would like to enjoy the beach, places like Vacation Mobility Solutions can set you up with a beach wheelchair and guide you to accessible beach entrances.


Before you head out on your trip, you may need to call the hotel you are visiting (or rental house owner) to see whether your room will have what you need for a comfortable stay. Things you may want ask:

  • Is the front entrance accessible? Is there a ramp if needed?
  • Are entry doors at least 32” wide?
  • Are switches and controls low enough to reach?
  • Is there a walk-in/roll-in shower?
  • Does the bathroom have stability bars in appropriate places?
  • Are all parts of the room accessible?


Need a starting place to find wheelchair-accessible rentals? Check out Goode Vacation Rentals to see what they have available.

No matter what your needs, Hilton Head can help you out. Even if you don’t think a certain place you’d like to visit can accommodate you, call anyway. Chances are the owner will be more than happy to help with arrangements!