Though most think summer may be the best time to visit Hilton Head, October and November are the best months to spend your vacation. With no crowds, affordable accommodations, and excellent weather, this season makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the island. Fall is the perfect time of year to ride a bike, enjoy water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding, and take in all the wildlife and scenery.


In the island’s Lowcountry, a plethora of wildlife is scattered around the narrow waterways. However, most visitors miss seeing them because a boat doesn’t get them close enough access. However, renting a kayak for the day can allow you to get in all the tiny nooks and crannies within the salt marshes. Fortunately for families, guided kayak tours are beginner friendly and provide a fun, relaxing, and educational experience.


Stand-up paddle boarding (or SUP) will be the best option if you want to opt for something requiring more skill. Like the name entails, with this water sport, you stand on a flat surfboard-like board and use a paddle to navigate through the water. Guided paddle tours allow you to interact with wildlife like dolphins, herons, blue crabs, or even sea turtles.

Boat Tours

For those not able to engage in water sports, an easy alternative is to go on a boat tour. Whether you want a private or guided boat tour, Hilton Head offers a great variety. Whichever your pick, you won’t miss out on the relaxing waves and scenic landscapes. Boat tours also add to the ability to spot the local bottlenose dolphins, which reside on the island year-round. Dolphin boat tours can guarantee a dolphin sighting, with some exceptional amenities like food, fireworks, or sunset escapes.


Don’t let the fall season let you miss out on fun water sports activities. With fewer crowds, warm weather, and affordable opportunities, there are so many reasons to make Hilton Head your vacation spot this season.