How do I find pricing on the website?

Please click BOOK NOW or click the orange "book now" button in the upper/right-hand corner of the web page, which will direct you to our secure ordering page (don't worry, you don't have to place an order to check pricing, the dates you enter will prompt our system to provide the pricing for those dates).  Complete [...]

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How do I find my receipt/bikes/lock combo?

Once we deliver the bikes and lock them up outside of your rental property we will go to the front door and knock/ring doorbell.  If no one from your party is present at the time of delivery, we will leave your receipt under the doormat OUTSIDE the front door to your house/villa.  If no doormat [...]

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Do I have to lock my bikes?

YES, absolutely!!!   It is your responsibility to keep your bikes LOCKED UP at all times when you're not using them. There is a $ 250.00 stolen bike fee. Bicycle thefts are on the rise in Hilton Head. If you leave it unlocked it will get stolen.

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What are the bicycle rules on the island?

Follow the flow of traffic. Cars have the right of way in Plantations. Ride on the bike paths as that's what they are for. Do not ride on roads that have bike paths adjacent to them. Stay on the paths and off the roads. Bike paths are marked in many locations on posted maps. You can view a [...]

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Can I ride my bike into Sea Pines Plantation?

Yes/No. You can only get into Sea Pines if you know someone who lives there or if you are renting property in Sea Pines Plantation. You can also pay $5.00 at the gate plus a dollar per bike but they have to be in your car or truck to enter Sea Pines.

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Do we have to be there for the delivery and pick up of the bikes?

No you don't.  If no one from your party is available at the property during the time of delivery we will leave a receipt under the doormat OUTSIDE the front door to your house or villa.  You also do not need to be present for the pick up of the rentals.  We will return the [...]

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