Recent years have shown an upward trend in people dedicating more time to their health and fitness. And while getting into a great routine during the warmer and sunnier months can be enjoyable, many people find it hard to keep up the motivation during the colder time of year. Of course, all of the holiday celebrations (and our favorite treats!) play no small part in knocking us off track. So what are some easy-to-follow exercise tips for bringing warmth into your winter workout?

Move Your Workout Inside:

While connecting with nature, feeling the sun on your face on a bike ride, and breathing in the fresh air are all excellent reasons to exercise outside, they don’t apply all year long. Gyms often run specials around the first of the year for exactly that reason. If the cold and wet deter you from continuing your routine, go for the warmth of your home or the bright energy of a gym.

Be Flexible: 

You may need to adjust your routine to fit shortened days and prohibitive weather. This is a great time to try something new and something that doesn’t require as much energy. Adding winter-specific yoga will help you stay mentally uplifted and well-stretched. And as a bonus, trying new things will keep exercising fresh and enjoyable.

Make It a Priority: 

So often we can begin things when it’s easy, but when it becomes inconvenient or challenging, we justify excuses to ourselves. Exercise can help boost your immune system as well as balance your mental health. Making a point to prioritize yourself will help the benefit outweigh the discomfort. It’s not a chore; it’s a gift to yourself.


Don’t forget to give yourself a few more rest days this winter. And taste all your favorite holiday foods without hesitation; they are called treats for a reason. In addition to these exercise tips, consistency, flexibility, and enjoyability are the keys to winter workout success.