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How Pet-Friendly Is Hilton Head Island?

Leaving for vacation without your beloved Fifi, Fluffy, or Fido can cause heartache for both you and your pet. It may be difficult to secure care for your pet, and there’s no guarantee they'll be happy. Let’s face it—if it’s not you, it’s just not good enough for your best friend. Have you considered bringing [...]

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Reasons to Visit Bluffton During Your Hilton Head Vacation

Hilton Head may get all the glory, but its close neighbor, Bluffton, has a lot to offer to make your vacation complete. Bluffton is the inland complement to Hilton Head Island, offering a slew of land activities you’ll want to try when you come to Hilton Head. After a quick drive over from US-278, here’s [...]

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The Seafood Lover’s Guide to Hilton Head Island

You can’t head to the South and not get a craving for some fine southern cookin’. And you can’t head to the coast without tasting a sampling of some fine, fresh seafood. That makes Hilton Head, as a southern coastal state, a prime spot for delicious, southern-cooked seafood dishes. Here are some of the dishes [...]

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What To Do With Kids In and Around Hilton Head

There’s nothing like making lifelong memories with your family on a beach vacation in Hilton Head. Of course, it may be a little bit more work to make sure everyone is happy when you have little ones in tow. But here on the island, there is so much to keep everyone happy and smiling. The [...]

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Hitch a Ride on the Hilton Head Island Trolley

If you want to take a tour around Hilton Head Island, there are many ways you can accomplish that. Touring on wheels helps you see more in the least amount of time, so you can get to the beach and catch some rays, too. Touring by bicycle will show you the best the island has [...]

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A Short History of Hilton Head Island

Some people like to know the background of their vacation destination so that they know what kind of a history they’re walking into. Some people want to be able to converse with the locals about common knowledge and lore of the town. Some can’t get enough history no matter where they go. And some people [...]

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Our Favorite Hilton Head Travel Guide Books

Want to know what the people of Hilton Head are thinking about? Read what they’re writing! See what they’re doing. Where can you do that? Read their guides. Some are geared for tourists, but some are updates from around the island. Read a few to see what’s going on. Hilton Head Monthly For a more [...]

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Reptiles and Amphibians of the Lowcountry

As you probably know, the South Carolina Lowcountry—where you will find Hilton Head Island—is home to a variety of species of wildlife. If the reptilian variety is what piques your interest, then you might want to head over to the Coastal Discovery Museum for an introduction to a few of the natives. Here’s an idea [...]

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The Best Free Activities Around Hilton Head

The hit that our economy has taken in the past few months has made a lot of people reconsider how to allocate their vacation spending. People can either get very creative, or they can just look around to see what Hilton Head has to offer that is just as fun, yet costs nothing. Pinckney Island [...]

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Photography Tips for Your Biking Trip Around Hilton Head

Some people ride bikes for exercise. Some ride for transportation. Then there are those who are on vacation and want a way to see as much of our beautiful island as they can. During those sightseeing bike rides, there seems to be a need to capture as much as possible in photographs. After all, we [...]

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