Exercise Tips to Stay Warm and Healthy This Winter

Recent years have shown an upward trend in people dedicating more time to their health and fitness. And while getting into a great routine during the warmer and sunnier months can be enjoyable, many people find it hard to keep up the motivation during the colder time of year. Of course, all of the holiday [...]

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Best Healthy Restaurants on Hilton Head Island

There’s really nothing more relaxing and fun than going out to a nice restaurant when you’re on vacation. Unless you are trying to have delicious but still healthy food. It can be so hard to find creative and delicious establishments that offer variety without the side of guilt or compromising. We looked at this season’s top-rated healthy [...]

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4 Hilton Head Outdoor Activities You Can Still Do in November

People from the North might not understand how beautiful November weather can be in the South, but it is definitely something that should be experienced by all. And what better time to come and visit a place like Hilton Head than in the fall when some summer activities are still in full swing. What kind [...]

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The Perfect Terrain for Your Vacation Bike Ride

Coming to Hilton Head, you probably have high expectations for your exercise game. Whether it’s tennis, golf, or cycling, you want every day to count, every action to mean something. You want it all to be special. For that to happen, you should make sure to put some planning into your preferred activity. If your [...]

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Quick Bike Repairs That Are Easier Than You Thought

Every bike gets a flat tire at some time or another. You don't have to be a pro to change it and keep your ride going. Because bicycles are machines, there are always a few things that can go wrong that you may not have planned for. Chain slip? It happens sometimes. The point is, [...]

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More Hilton Head Golf Courses

If you've selected Hilton Head as your vacation destination this year, chances are you are an active person who has heard great things about our golfing experiences. You may have come across some famous names in your searches, such as Arthur Dunes, Dolphin Head, Hilton Head National, or Harbour Town. But that is only a [...]

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