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Visiting Hilton Head During the Off Season

There is so much to be said about a beach vacation during the off season (which is typically considered September/October through March/April). While you can enjoy much of the same beautiful views as you would during the rest of the year, you typically have a lot fewer people in those views. For those who treasure [...]

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A Guide to Fishing in Hilton Head

If your favorite way to relax on vacation is to go fishing, then Hilton Head is a place you want to visit. No matter your preference—fresh water or salt water—you’ll find both on this perfectly situated South Carolina island. Ocean Fishing 1.  Charles C. Haigh Fishing Pier Serious deep sea fishermen will love this beautiful [...]

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The History Lover’s Biking Guide to Hilton Head

Hilton Head has so many interesting sights to see that it’s hard to get to them all on foot. However, the forty miles of bike trails the island boasts make it a little easier to see more in less time. Not to mention, you’ll get a little exercise, fresh air, and fun along the way. [...]

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