Discover Some of Hilton Head’s Local Lore

What’s more fun than bringing a mystery novel with you on vacation? Discovering the real mysteries surrounding the place you’re visiting! Hilton Head Island may seem like a fairly benign, relaxing vacation destination, but there may be more lurking under the surface for you to discover. The Moss That’s Everywhere It’s hard to walk through [...]

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Farmers Markets In and Around Hilton Head

When you’re cooking Lowcountry-style, you want to make sure you have the freshest, most authentic ingredients. Getting the best veggies and local specialties is easier than you think, no matter what part of Hilton Head you’re in. You can find a farmer’s market there to meet your needs nearly any day of the week. And [...]

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A First-Timer’s Guide to Beach Biking

If you are an avid cyclist—or even just a recreational bike rider—chances are you’re hoping to keep up your fitness routine while vacationing in Hilton Head. Good news! You won’t be the only one biking on the beach. Hilton Head is very friendly to road cyclists as well as beach bikers. But if this will [...]

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RBC Heritage Golf Tournament

We're entering a very exciting season for golf enthusiasts. Since the weather down south warms up earlier than it does up north, southern states have the advantage of hosting some of the first big golf tournaments of the season. The beautiful golf courses at Hilton Head were just made for such exciting national showcases. Most [...]

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Visiting Hilton Head During the Off Season

There is so much to be said about a beach vacation during the off season (which is typically considered September/October through March/April). While you can enjoy much of the same beautiful views as you would during the rest of the year, you typically have a lot fewer people in those views. For those who treasure [...]

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A Guide to Fishing in Hilton Head

If your favorite way to relax on vacation is to go fishing, then Hilton Head is a place you want to visit. No matter your preference—fresh water or salt water—you’ll find both on this perfectly situated South Carolina island. Ocean Fishing 1.  Charles C. Haigh Fishing Pier Serious deep sea fishermen will love this beautiful [...]

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