Riding your bike in Hilton Head can be one of the most enjoyable activities you experience on your vacation. However, it’s only fun if everyone stays safe. In order to be safe, you need to follow the rules. (Yes, they are there for everyone’s safety – not to be a boring stick in the mud.) Not sure what the laws are? We’re here to help.


  1. Follow the flow of traffic, not against it. If you see headlights coming toward you, you’re going the wrong way.
  2. Obey all traffic signals, including stop signs, traffic lights, and pathway markings. Cyclists are required to follow the same traffic laws as vehicles.
  3. Yield to pedestrians for safety’s sake. Cars must yield to bicycles, but be vigilant in case they don’t see you.
  4. If there is a bike path, you may not ride on the road next to it.
  5. If you are riding at night, your bike must have a headlight and a red rear reflector.

Strongly Encouraged Guidelines:

  1. Be sure to wear a helmet! That goes for adults and children. Many bikes shops will even include a helmet in the bike rental fee.
  2. Ride at a safe speed on the pathways.
  3. Ride single file and without crowding others.
  4. When passing another, give a warning signal. This could be a horn or bell, but could also be as easy as calling out, “On your left.” Then, be sure to pass on the left.
  5. Use hand signals to indicate your change in speed or direction.

When cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians all follow safety rules and guidelines, the island is an enjoyable place to get around. Be sure to offer courtesy to others, just as you would have them offer you. You won’t be disappointed in the friendliness of those around you.