There are many ways to get around when you’re staying on Hilton Head Island, and riding a bike is a favorite mode of green transportation for locals and visitors! You could always bring along your own bicycle, but if you’re visiting, then renting a bike is the way to go! It’s much less hassle, and you’ll save money on gas while you help the planet!

Bicycle riding is a pollution-free mode of green transportation because it uses minimal fossil fuels. Cycling has a carbon footprint of just 33 grams of CO2 per mile traveled. In just one day, when you choose a bike over a car, you can decrease transportation-related emissions by 67%. That’s quite a lot when you think about it. Imagine if everyone made the swap! Where is the best place to get those wheels turning? We’re glad that you asked.

Riding the Trails

Hilton Head Island has more than 60 miles of connecting bike paths, offering miles of scenic views along beaches, parks, and resort communities. In short, it’s a cyclist’s utopia. Wetlands, historic sites, and bird habitats are just some of the places to see and explore in the stunning nature of the Lowcountry.

Beach Biking

The beaches are a big part of what makes Hilton Head Island so great. The best time to take a beach bike ride is when the tide is out and not to pedal too fast, at least when starting your ride. Pedaling around all day can really work up your appetite. Pack a picnic lunch or cruise into one of the many beachside restaurants.


And remember, bicycling is not only good for Mother Earth, but it’s good for your health too! Bicycling can improve your balance, posture, cardiovascular health, and mood! Not to mention, it’s one of the most unobstructed ways to view this beautiful island of ours. Go green and get biking!