Sometimes going on vacation means getting a break from the gym. Sometimes it means bringing the gym with you. One advantage of getting away to Hilton Head is that the weather is so often perfect for being outdoors. And what’s more motivating than getting to exercise outside? You can even multi-task by including your workout with your beach time. There are plenty of beach exercises that work perfectly on the sand with an ocean view. Consider trying these:

30-Minute Interval Workout

To increase metabolism, it’s important to include intervals in your training. The beach is a perfect place for this fat-blasting exercise because the unstable sand under your feet requires your body to counter it. Doing so burns extra calories on top of what you would normally burn. Bonus!

High Cardio & Weights

This one requires props for part of your workout, but they should be easy to find in your kids’ toy bag. In order to get the steady burn of a weightlifting workout, you will need to grab at least one large sand bucket. Between the water and the sand, you can fill the bucket to the weight most comfortable (or possibly a little uncomfortable) to lift.

Straight Up Cardio – The Fun Way

Sometimes exercising doesn’t have to be intentional. There is no rule that says you burn fewer calories when you’re having fun, so go ahead and play some games! You will actually burn more calories with traditional games like volleyball, soccer, and football when you play on the beach because you need to work harder to keep your traction and footing in the sand. Don’t forget the extra warmth outside also contributes to your body working harder. Rent a bike and ride through the town to see beautiful views and get some exercise all at the same time. Need a more relaxing way to work out? Jump in the ocean and go for a swim. You don’t get a chance to exercise like this every day!


Now that you’ve imagined yourself enjoying the perfect workout on the beach at Hilton Head, imagine how good it will feel when you’re done and can cool off a minute later in the ocean. And then book your trip. We’ll see you there soon!