This ride, to most visitors, will be a fairly long one as it ends at a point at the heel of the island. The destination is Fish Haul Creek Park located near the end of Beach City Road. You can pick up a map of the island that shows all the bike trails to plan your route.

You will want to bring binoculars, if you have them, as there is a lot of bird life to see here. The park has a covered observation deck that extends out into the marsh that offers great views of tidal creek and marsh. Then you can follow a dirt road that leads you to a point where Port Royal Sound and the Atlantic ocean converge. Here there is beach and marsh grass and, when the tide is down, mud flats that are always full of a wide variety of bird life.

It is a very quiet place and one where you can sit on the rocks that form two breakwaters (now being taken over by shifting sands) and just view the water and the birds in silence. This spot is nothing like the beach area where all the hotels, condos and ocean front homes are. Most people will never see this aspect of an ocean island. Enjoy it.