People from the North might not understand how beautiful November weather can be in the South, but it is definitely something that should be experienced by all. And what better time to come and visit a place like Hilton Head than in the fall when some summer activities are still in full swing. What kind of Hilton Head outdoor activities will you be able to do? Check these out:

Go Golfing

The number one reason people come to Hilton Head is our reputation for top-class golfing and beautiful courses. Since the weather in November, and even throughout the winter, is still relatively mild, you can still enjoy more temperate temperatures, green grass, and those beautiful views.

Head Out on a Bike

Although you technically can ride a bike in any kind of weather, it is safer to do in milder weather than in the sloppy mess you can encounter up North during the colder months. Rent a bike and take in the peaceful surroundings of off-season Hilton Head.

Enjoy Fresh Seafood

With water temperatures still not too cold, the local eateries can still go out for a fresh catch and provide you with some of the best shrimp, oysters, and fish that you’ve ever tasted. Or, go out fishing yourself and see what you come up with for dinner.

Head to the Beach

You might not be in a bikini, but the sand and water still provide the same relaxing draw as it does in the summer. The sunrises and sunsets are even more vibrant during the late fall and winter, which gives you even more of a reason to visit.


Hilton Head is one of only a handful of places that is truly beautiful year-round. Come at a less popular time of year, such as November, to see for yourself. With the temperate weather, beautiful sandy beaches, and friendly locals, there are plenty of Hilton Head outdoor activities to keep you occupied during your late fall vacation!