This summer, are you ready to take your cycling routine to another level? You can only be successful if you stay healthy and avoid injury. That, of course, entails proper stretching and warm up exercises. Knowing the best exercises means you have to pay special attention to the muscles you use the most while riding your bike. (Hint: you use more than just your glutes.)

Planks For Your Core

All exercise benefits from a strong mid-section. Cyclists, especially, benefit from the balance and added efficiency. Try several variations with alternating feet, hands/elbows, etc. for a more well-rounded exercise. If you’ve built up to that long three-minute mark, consider trying a plank routine.

Lunges For Your Quads

Lunges help you focus on one leg at a time, which mimics your cycling motion. Perfect your form before trying with handheld weights to make sure you are building muscle properly. Focus on speed over weight for a proper aerobic workout.

Burpees For Your Lungs

The aerobic nature of burpees and focus on leg strength make them an excellent way to help build up respiratory endurance for those end-of-the-ride sprints. However, if your suffer from tendonitis or other joint issues, you may want to consider another aerobic warm up in order to preserve what you have left in your joints.

Single Leg Deadlifts For Your Hips and Hamstrings

Strength in your legs is one thing but having strong hips will help you maneuver your bike seamlessly (and painlessly, too). You may not notice the pull in your hips when make a turn – and that’s a good thing! The stronger your hips, the better they can handle it. Focusing on one leg at a time means you can focus your attention and not use much resistance.


If you want to be sure to keep many more cycling days ahead of you, take the time to prepare your body to do it right.