You’ve been working so hard to keep in shape. Perhaps you wanted to fit into a new bathing suit. Or you may have wanted to work on improving your health after a report of high cholesterol or hypertension. Maybe you just realized it was an excellent time to make good choices about your life. No matter your reason, taking a vacation doesn’t mean you need to cheat on your good habits. Here are a few ways to stay healthy during your Hilton Head vacation.

Eat Right

Keep your healthy habits in check during your vacation to Hilton Head by finding the right places to dine. Many of the area’s restaurants feature an organic menu or offer clean-eating options. Or, visit a local farmer’s market and cook your own delicious meals.


Hilton Head is the perfect excursion for those who need to stay active on vacation. While known for premier golf clubs, the island has much more than just that. Just about anyone can pick up a tennis racket or rent a bicycle. You could find a different activity to try every day!


Stress is a significant contributor to high blood pressure, poor sleep, and many other unhealthy physical situations. The best way to release stress is to fling your worries to the waves. Even if it isn’t a permanent solution, a little time away from your stresses is one step closer to improving your health. Pick one of Hilton Head’s many fine beaches, get a good book, and plant yourself in the sand by the water. Feel your heart slow itself with every ebb of the tide.


A trip to Hilton Head does not mean you need to toss your healthy lifestyle to the wayside. On the contrary, such a trip can improve your health if you do it right!