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5 Things You Should Know About the Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival

The 2024 Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival is less than a month away, but if you don’t want to miss out on this celebration of Southern heritage and culture through food and drink, you better grab your tickets now. This seafood-centered week-long event will expand your culinary horizons with a showcase of renowned chefs, bonfires, [...]

2024-01-25T20:17:21+00:00January 26th, 2024|

How to Spend Winter in Hilton Head

Just because you can’t jump in the ocean to go swimming doesn’t mean spending winter in Hilton Head is a bad idea. In fact, it’s quite the opposite if you’ve never been big on ocean swimming anyway. The winter months are definitely cooler here on the island, but that just means you’ll have fewer tourists [...]

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